Filling Machines for Vaccine Development

Vaccine developers know that understanding key product characterization details, such as sterilization and optimal process conditions are necessary prior to commercial manufacturing. Having accurate and precise machines in a sterile, risk-reducing environment is a must.

AST’s flexible filling equipment is well equipped to handle the pharmaceutical industry’s vaccine development needs. Our flexible filling machines can be tailored to what your product needs while providing cost-effective solutions. To reduce risk during technology transfer, we consider the unique features of your product ensuring fast delivery to market.

Features & Benefits of AST Machines for Vaccine Development

  • Automated vaccine fill / finish
  • Precise fill accuracy
  • Flexibility for aseptic vial & syringe filling on a single machine
  • Ensures employee and patient safety
  • Protection from cross-contamination
  • Increases speed to market

At AST, we know that our partners in the pharmaceutical industry are working harder than ever to develop lifesaving treatments and vaccines for COVID-19. The key challenges in vaccine manufacturing include: 

  • Quick development and delivery time
  • Patient and employee safety
  • Container flexibility
  • Cross contamination
  • Scalability
  • Staying cost competitive

Producing these medicines quickly and in budget while also ensuring the safety of employees and patients is of the utmost importance. When the time comes to bring these vaccines and treatments to patients in clinical trials, you need a partner and a system that can handle these manufacturing challenges with ease.

ASTÔÇÖs line of aseptic fill-finish systems provide solutions for drug development through commercial production. From semi-automated to fully robotic systems, each of our flexible machines can process vials, syringes and cartridges on a single machine with simple change parts. Our line of machines is ideal to support vaccine development and clinical trials. With advanced features, small footprints, and quick delivery times, AST can provide the right tool to bring your drug to market.

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