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At AST our primary focus is the success of our customers.  We recognize that the dependability of our equipment throughout its lifecycle is vitality important to enduring success.   AST strives to provide the most responsive service and support available within the life science industry.  We have carefully created a network of experienced technical service teams to provide service and support.  In addition to local support, AST provides remote service support that includes remote diagnostics and online troubleshooting of the equipment.  This saves our customers the agony of prolonged downtime by giving them the timely support needed to get the machine up and running quickly without a technician being onsite.

Our wide range of customer-focused aftermarket services including; maintenance and service agreements, spare parts, machine consumables, installation, commissioning and training.  AST’s comprehensive service and support capabilities make AST a trusted partner to ensure that your machine is properly installed and continued productive value.

Continually improving how we support our current and future customers is another way that AST innovates every day.  Connecting our customers with live interactive machine maintenance directly at the machine with a remote technician, to video instructions on troubleshooting and operating the equipment are some of the advantages that AST provides to support the ongoing productivity of our systems. 


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