Mission Statement & Values


AST enhances the reliability, productivity and safety of aseptic processing by offering intelligent, intuitive, and innovative solutions.


AST strives to be our customersÔÇÖ most trusted partner for aseptic processing.


The solutions AST delivers today enable life-changing therapies to reach more patients, in a race against time, where every day matters.

Values & Behaviors

At AST, our Core Values and Key Behaviors define who we are and the attitudes in which we approach the workplace. By consistently living out these Core Values and Key Behaviors, we earn the right to celebrate our victories together; but we are never completely satisfied.

Core Values


We do the right thing in all circumstances.
When we are not sure what is right, we ask.


We earn trust by making and fulfilling commitments.
We can be trusted to always give our best and do our part.
We trust others to always give their best and do their part.


We share our thoughts and ideas.
We listen and speak until there is alignment.
We always speak with respect for one another.


We accept responsibility for delivering individual and team commitments.
We own our mistakes, and take initiative to make them right.
We take responsibility for how our behaviors and decisions impact others.


We put the needs of our team before our own.
We look for ways to help others.
We never hesitate to ask for help.
We value others and their input.

Customer Focused

We strive to provide an exceptional customer experience by ensuring friendly, engaging, efficient, and valuable interactions.
We acknowledge our customers are both internal and external to AST.
We anticipate the needs and challenges of our customers and aim to exceed expectations.
We expect our customers to measure our effectiveness and hold us to our commitments.

Key Behaviors


  • Within our area of responsibility, we strive to be subject matter experts for flexible aseptic manufacturing.
  • We create superior products and solutions.
  • We┬álead with relevant differentiators.

Continuous Improvement

  • We strive to improve┬áthe efficiency and effectiveness of our processes, products and services.
  • We evaluate where improvement is needed and take action.
  • We embrace change with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

Continuous Learning

  • We continuously strive to improve our own performance, so we can contribute the most to our TeamÔÇÖs performance.
  • We stay current in technology and best practices in our area of expertise through continuing education, industry research, and professional affiliations.

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