Isolator Air Handling: Advancements and Considerations for Fill-Finish Processing

In the fill-finish manufacturing of parenteral liquid pharmaceuticals, maintaining product sterility is paramount. The choice of what kind of barrier technology to utilize becomes key, as operations must account for the production environment and the level of control and efficiency needed to hit key production milestones.  For an increasing amount of industry professionals, isolators are […]

American-Made, Worldwide Benefit: Raising the Bar in Isolated Fill-Finish Manufacturing  

When AST produced its first fill-finish solution in 2006, two key convictions drove that early innovation: A commitment to imagining a never-before-seen aseptic multi-format processing system that was versatile and flexible, and a desire to produce robust, American-made aseptic fill-finish products. Ahead of the release of our new isolator, we wanted to explore our commitment […]

CURIS System and AST Unite to Redefine Aseptic Fill-Finish Processing Technology

**For Immediate Release**  Oviedo, Florida, and Tacoma, Washington, February 5, 2024 – CURIS System, an innovator in advanced decontamination technology, and AST, a leader in aseptic fill-finish processing technology, today announced a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, as the two companies combine technology to revolutionize the […]

The Next-Generation Isolator: A User-Friendly Solution for Fill-Finish Professionals

When AST came to the table on the design for our new fill-finish isolator, one of the first areas AST engineers wanted to address was the usability and accessibility of the isolator and corresponding operations. With our customersÔÇÖ point of view in mind, we wanted to address specific points of friction routinely encountered by operators […]

AST Perspectives: Reimagining Fill-Finish Isolator Design

By Steven Ng, CTO & VP of Customer Service This past October, AST announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Germfree on a new fill-finish isolator. This exciting announcement was the result of just over a year of brainstorming, research, and development, as our team at AST set out to create an isolator solution that would meet […]

From Startup to Standout: Aseptic Processing Solutions for Life Science Innovators

The path to a successful life science startup is exciting, difficult, and unpredictable. Recent years have seen a volatile pattern emerge of challenge, change and innovation within the life sciences.  The trend towards innovative pharmaceutical solutions is projected to continue into 2024, as breakthroughs in treatment modalities, supply chain management and patient-centered medicine are tracking […]

Toolless Change Parts: A Flexible Solution

Aseptic fill-finish professionals are continually looking to augment their approach to a market that continues to grow and reflect innovations happening around sterile parenteral treatments. When considering the flexibility of an operation, itÔÇÖs important to investigate every aspect of the fill-finish process. Flexibility applies to any process or technical optimization that quickens scalability and removes […]

Point of Contact: The Importance of an Intuitive HMI

As aseptic fill-finish technology continues to make strides towards broader use of robotics and automation, the usability and performance of a systemÔÇÖs Human Machine Interface (HMI) becomes vital to the operator. Considering the amount of complexity native to aseptic processing and the variables possible in any given system, including format, finishing, and barrier options, fill-finish […]