CURIS System and AST Unite to Redefine Aseptic Fill-Finish Processing Technology

AST aseptic processing equipment in a pharmaceutical cleanroom setting with an announcement of partnership with CURIS system
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**For Immediate Release** 

Oviedo, Florida, and Tacoma, Washington, February 5, 2024 – CURIS System, an innovator in advanced decontamination technology, and AST, a leader in aseptic fill-finish processing technology, today announced a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, as the two companies combine technology to revolutionize the biodecontamination of aseptic fill-finish isolators using CURIS’s disruptive vapor decontamination technology. 

This game-changing technology elevates the standard in pharmaceutical manufacturing, providing industry-leading biodecontamination cycle efficacy and times. Designed from its inception to be a single, seamlessly integrated system, the integration of the CURIS 7000ei with AST’s isolated filling lines are unified under the ASTView HMI user interface for a single point of operation. Automation with the patented 7000ei hydrogen peroxide delivery system increases efficacy margins and provides the fastest biodecontamination times on the market by dramatically decreasing cycle times, outgas-time, and environmental risks. 

Packaged in AST’s new state-of-the-art isolator designed and manufactured in collaboration with Germfree, CURIS technology with AST’s expertise in fill-finish production presents a one-stop, American-made solution for our customers. This partnership not only promises enhanced operational efficiency, streamlined service, and a superior customer experience but also sets new benchmarks in sterility assurance and contamination control for excellence in the pharmaceutical industry. 

CURIS System, known for its unparalleled material compatibility and microbial eradication, brings a new dimension to contamination control in aseptic processing. Their technology is recognized for virtually eliminating outgassing, a common challenge in the industry, thus ensuring a safer and more efficient pharmaceutical manufacturing environment. Continuing to challenge the status quo, CURIS succeeds where others fail, with game-changing patented hybrid hydrogen peroxide technology that is an EPA-registered sporicide in addition to being FDA and Annex 1 compliant.  

Frances Grinstead, CEO of CURIS System, expressed excitement about the partnership: “Joining forces with AST produces true innovation that is a differentiator for the clients we serve, ensuring they have access to the most cutting-edge, comprehensive end-to-end solution. This American-made solution promises to raise the standard of the fill-finish environment and uphold the highest levels of contamination control.” 

Joe Hoff, President and CEO of AST, commented on the collaboration: “Integrating CURIS’s superior technology into AST’s isolated filling lines bolsters our commitment to innovation and excellence. When we set out to design a new isolator, our goal was to provide the industry with a truly superior solution just as we did 14 years ago with the launched the ASEPTiCell®, the industry’s first robotic, multi-format filling line. In the same way that flexible, multi-format processing has now become the standard in pharmaceutical manufacturing, we are confident that this latest innovation will set the standard for the industry in the years to come.  

The collaboration between CURIS System and AST is set to make a significant impact on the life sciences industry, driving innovation and setting new benchmarks for quality and efficiency in cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical manufacturing.” 

For media inquiries, please contact:

– Brittany Cooksey, Marketing Manager, AST, 

– Jodi Woodson, Marketing Director, CURIS System, 

About CURIS System

CURIS System is at the forefront of decontamination technology, offering innovative solutions that are faster and safer, with repeatable efficacy. Their commitment to excellence and reliability has made them a preferred partner for industries seeking advanced contamination control solutions. 

About AST

AST is a pioneering force in aseptic fill-finish processing technology. Committed to innovation and excellence, AST provides the pharmaceutical industry with advanced solutions that enhance efficiency and ensure product quality.