Point of Contact: The Importance of an Intuitive HMI

AST intuitive human machine interface within a cleanroom space handling aseptic fill finish tasks
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As aseptic fill-finish technology continues to make strides towards broader use of robotics and automation, the usability and performance of a system’s Human Machine Interface (HMI) becomes vital to the operator. Considering the amount of complexity native to aseptic processing and the variables possible in any given system, including format, finishing, and barrier options, fill-finish professionals need a simplified, efficient way to gather real-time system information and perform machine operations, maintenance, and interventions across the line as needed. A highly viable approach includes an automated, adaptable modular system with a wide range of recipe parameters that is able to operate from a central program control.

Prioritizing a User-Friendly Interface:

An important factor in the life of a fill-finish operation is in the proficiency and comfort level of an operator with an HMI. A well-laid-out HMI—optimized for user experience with a program that’s not only easy to navigate, but easy to operate—can save hours in troubleshooting, second-guessing and additional training. A centralized program with accessible and exhaustive system information, logical navigational menus, and clearly identified redundancies and fail-safes all contribute to an ideal user experience. What’s more, the more user-friendly the HMI, the more accessible it is to a plurality of operators and additional staff, which will reduce teaching time on a machine. Additionally, settings on a machine designed for each role and/or requirement of a fill-finish operation will remove procedural friction and manage permissions effectively.

Intuitive, High-Resolution HMI

In some cases, an HMI can be designed with a little too much “machine” in mind and not enough “human.” Some systems go so far as to utilize multiple HMI programs across a single, isolated, multi-use fill-finish line. While thorough, the obstacles of this approach, not the least of which is the lack of simplicity, are not optimal over the life of an operation. A single, intuitive HMI program designed functionally, navigationally, and visually to be compatible with human use is key. A responsive screen with clear commands, featuring a high-resolution display, with both textual indications and visual representations of important machine functions, including maintenance operations, alarm resolutions and decontamination procedures, are crucial building blocks for a highly effective HMI.

ASTView: An End-to-End, Scalable Solution

An essential factor, especially in cases of isolated fill-finish systems, is an HMI’s ability to work with and across all aseptic system elements. Full integration with modular components and isolator technology streamlines your aseptic processing solution into a single, holistic fill-finish powerhouse. An all-in-one HMI solution augments aseptic production, a crucial differentiator in the drug development process.

Two integral aspects of any aseptic processing operation are comprehensive process information indexing for tech transfer protocols and maintaining 100 percent data integrity to produce compliance-ready batch records as the operation looks to move ahead in the drug development process.

ASTView offers complete access to critical machine functions and in-process parameter data. Other features include:

• Fully exportable data in PDF formats

• Batch recipe creation and editing

• Automatic logging of environmental monitoring data

• Remote monitoring available for smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

• Interface with optional EBR system.

 ASTView’s additional EBR system offers operational traceability and simplifies batch recording and data integrity protocols by creating a 21 CFR Part 11 compliance-ready batch report, streamlining the regulatory and tech transfer processes.

A well-designed HMI ensures that you’re getting the most out of your automated, aseptic fill-finish machine. Learn how our innovative systems, outfitted with ASTView, can provide your organization with the highest quality aseptic processing systems – contact our experts today.