Small Batch Capping Machine (ASEPTiCell™ VSM-25)

Small Batch Capping Machine

Capping Sytems & Ready-To-Fill Vial Sealing

AST is a leader in providing the world-class capping equipment for sealing of ready-to-fill nested parenteral vials.  Our vial capping systems and equipment offer state of the art features including a machine vision system for stopper gap inspection, applied force monitoring and robotic vial handling to provide a comprehensive cGMP vial sealing solution.  AST’s vial capping systems design out common quality challenges including glass-on-glass and glass-on-metal contact throughout the vial sealing process.  The sealed vials once completely processed are returned back to the original nested packaging, thus minimizing waste and eliminating unnecessary equipment such as a tray loader.

AST’s vial capping systems are designed to be a standalone machine, integrated with AST’s ASEPTiCell® or GENiSYS® filling systems, or other OEM systems being converted to processing pre-sterilized nested vials.   

Ready-to-Fill Nested Vial Sealing

Processing pre-sterilized nested vials brings with it challenges that are not easily solved with traditional solutions.  Such is the case with vial sealing or capping.  As a technology leader for processing ready-to-fill nested vials, AST developed the Vial Sealing Module (VSM).  The VSM’s innovative design provides a compact and reliable vial sealing solution that is compliant with global cGMP requirements, including Annex I.

The Vial Sealing Module’s versatile design is the perfect solution to integrate with existing filling lines being converted to process nested vials, as a standalone solution or to be integrated with AST’s GENiSYS® or ASEPTiCell® systems.

Applications include:

  • Clinical materials manufacturing
  • Small batch commercial manufacturing
  • R&D and process development
Technical Information

The Vial Sealing Module (VSM) is a fully automated solution dedicated to closing or capping of nested pre-sterilized nested vials. The vial closing module’s design and robotic vial handling ensures gentle handling of the product and the vial throughout the aseptic capping process.

Closing of the vials is performed with a spinning roller to provide a repeatable high quality seal. The VSM includes several advanced capabilities to control and monitor the most important aspects of the process including; stopper compression force, rotation speed, aluminum cap presence, stopper gap inspection and environmental monitoring.  

The compact and versatile design allows the vial capping module to be used as a standalone system or can be integrated with the ASEPTiCell® r25 or i25 filling module to provide a complete and versatile fill—finish solution.

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Technical Information

Dimensions (LxWxH)

1473mm x 1143mm x 1981mm


Pre-sterilized, nested vials

Vial Sizes:

2mL to 50mL (ISO 2R – 50R)

Cap Sizes:

13mm & 20mm

Production Rate:

Up to 2000 units per hour

Sealing Method

Spinning roller

Barrier Options:

Restricted Access Barrier System (RABS)

Electrical Utilities:

480/220VAC – 60/50Hz.

Compressed Air Utilities:

6 bar @ 1 SCFM

Available Options:

  • Raised stopper inspection
  • Cap applied force monitoring
  • Viable and non-viable environmental monitoring

*Figures are typical.  Actual performance results vary depending upon application requirements.

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